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Friday, September 11, 2020

NIOS - Secondary Courses | Science and Technology (E) 212 - BOOK -2 | Download

NIOS - Secondary Courses | Science and Technology (E) 212 - BOOK -2 | Download

14. Thermal Energy (41.1 MB)

15. Light Energy (41.1 MB)

16. Electrical Energy (41.1 MB)

17. Magnetic Effect of Electric Current (41.1 MB)

18. Sound and Communication (41.1 MB)

19. Classification of Living Organisms (37.3 MB) 

20. History of Life on Earth (37.3 MB)

21. Building Blocks of Life - Cell and Tissues (37.3 MB)

22. Life Processes - 1 : Nutrition, Transportation, Respiration and Excretion (37.3 MB)

23. Life Processes - 2 : Control and Coordination (37.3 MB)

24. Life Processes - 3 : Reproduction (37.3 MB)

25. Heredity (37.3 MB)

26. Air and Water (37.3 MB) 

27. Metals and Non-metals (37.3 MB) 

28. Carbon and Its Compounds (37.3 MB) 

29. Natural Environment (37.3 MB)

30. Human Impact on Environment (37.3 MB)

31. Food Production (37.3 MB)

32. Health and Hygiene (37.3 MB)

Lab Manual (10.4 MB)

TMA = Science and Technology (212)





NIOS - Secondary Courses | Science and Technology (E) 212 - BOOK -1 | Download

NIOS - Secondary Courses | Science and Technology (E) 212 - BOOK -1 | Download

1. Measurement in Science and Technology (41.1 MB) 

2. Matter in Our Surroundings (41.1 MB)

3. Atom and Molecules (41.1 MB)

4. Chemical Reaction and Equations (41.1 MB)

5. Atomic Structure (41.1 MB)

6. Periodic Classification of Elements (41.1 MB)

7. Chemical Bonding (41.1 MB) 

8. Acids, Bases and Salts (41.1 MB)

9. Motion and its Description (41.1 MB)

10. Force and Motion (41.1 MB)

11. Gravitation (41.1 MB)

12. Sources of Energy (41.1 MB)

13. Work and Energy (41.1 MB)

NIOS Coaching - Patna | Admission For April 2021 Batch

 Notice : MSI - PatnaAdmission Open For Secondary & Sr. Secondary - April/May 2021 Exam till Last Date For Application 15th Sept 2020...

NIOS Coaching Center Patna

NIOS Coaching | NIOS Coaching Center in Patna For Classes Secondary & Sr. Secondary, Coaching Center was established in December 2011 with the primary aim of setting an Institute to impart conceptual knowledge of Secondary & Sr. Secondary to students... The principal instructor has been ( From MSI-Patna  ). Target batch takes around 2-3 months and the Foundation batch (containing 9th pass students) takes around 4-5 months to complete courses of Secondary & Sr. Secondary level.

On 15th December 2011, the new lecture hall was inaugurated. Now this centre has all the basic amenities needed by students such as drinking water etc.


Thursday, October 31, 2019


Visit a railway station, and you are sure to see a porter there. You can easily spot him in
a crowd as he wears a red turban and coat, and is seen carrying luggage from one platform to another. He is a very important person at the railway station.
All porters wear a brass badge on their arms. This gives them a licence to carry luggage. If there is too much luggage for a porter to carry, he uses a hand-cart to carry them.
The porter works very hard to make a living. He is not rich and, at times, he and his family have to face many hardships. Since there are many porters at the railway station, they feel lucky when someone asks them to carry their luggage. Sometimes, in spite of working for many days, they still find it difficult to make ends meet.
There are times when some passengers do not pay the correct wages to the porter, but haggle or fight with him.We should realise how hard his job really is, and be kind and thoughtful towards him.So the next time you see his bright, red uniform, remember who he is, and how hard he works!